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Monday, March 2, 2009

'nuther Blog Meme...

Last month I created and sent a "science book lovers meme" along its merry way (and richly enjoyed people's varied responses), so will do an encore 'nature book lovers meme' in the same vein this month....

==> A Nature Book Lovers' Meme :

Increasingly our daily lives are bound by a man-made technological world, yet most believe it important to maintain a connection to the natural world. Cite a half-dozen-or-so books you would recommend every young person read by the end of their school years to help them maintain a sense of connection to, and value in, the natural world.
After posting your list, forward the meme to a half-dozen-or-so bloggers of your choosing.


The variety and range of books that one might name is huge, but I'll throw out these 6 to get things started:

1) "Pilgrim At Tinker Creek" by Annie Dillard
2) "The Norton Book of Nature Writing" edited by Finch and Elder
3) "Speaking For Nature" by Paul Brooks
4) "Kinship With The Animals" edited by Michael Tobias
5) any anthology of Thoreau writings
6) ...and for an old, off-the-wall pick (but I still think a fun read), "The Secret Life of Plants" by Peter Tompkins

And I'm tagging the following blogs:

Nature Remains

Monarch's Nature Blog

Susan Gets Native

Gossamer Tapestry

Rambling Woods

Foothills Fancies

....each of whom better pass along this meme, or 7 years bad blogging luck may befall you ;-)


Sally said...

Two down, so far, Arj, but they neglected to link back-- so here's Osage and Watcher. No passing on; not meme-friendly I guess. (I thought it was fun...)

Doug Taron said...

Hmm...I didn't realize I'd been tagged. I did find this the other day, and have now posted my entry. Thanks for the shout-out.