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Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Don't Believe It

A Swiss neuroscientist says we may be able to "replicate" the human brain within 10 years, calling it "technically and biologically possible." Others in the field have made similar predictions, and I'm sure they're a whole lot smarter than I am, but I'll still flat out say I don't believe any sort of thorough human brain replication is on the horizon in the next century; mimicking certain isolated functions of course may be accomplished, but not true replication of overall in-depth, inter-connected neural operation (just as we don't 'fly like birds' yet even though we've developed some mechanical forms of flight):


Hopefully, I'll still be around in 10 years to see if he's wrong, but neither of us will be around in 100 years to see if I'm right.

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L said...

It's the ultimate nightmare... and here I worry about whether we can truly predict the long term effects of GM crops!
But the point of interest is can something create itself? Then what does "to create" mean?